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Special thanks to @JSaulou for the inspiration. I owe you one dude !

Reminders is a VS Code extension that allows you to create callbacks directly from the IDE.


  1. Install the extension here ;
  2. Add a new reminder (see Key Bindings section) ;
  3. Show all reminders (by clicking on the status bar item) ;
  4. Wait... If your reminder contains the pattern 12am, 6pm, 20:45 or 8h15, it will be displayed in due time !
  5. Also you can clear all reminders, or close and re-open your IDE for wiping the list.

Enjoy !

Extension Settings

  • reminders.list : List of reminders
  • reminders.preserve : Optional parameter that keeps the list of reminders
  • reminders.shift : Optional parameter to display the reminder before it's due time

Key Bindings

  • Shift + Alt + R : Add a new reminder

Supported Languages

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

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