FullStack developer with a passion for IT for over a decade...

I started to develop mobile applications in Java, then in Kotlin for Android.

When I discovered NodeJS and the AngularJS framework (rest in peace), I found myself a real passion for Web development, but especially for the JavaScript language.

React, VueJS, TypeScript, MongoDB, GraphQL, SCSS, etc. are the technologies I work with on every day.

Today, I design and maintain applications / sites from A to Z (from APIs to visual rendering). Moreover, I attach particular attention to UI/UX, which I consider to be the cornerstone of a successful project!

The art of development and my curiosity for what's new, push me to share my knowledge with my peers, through articles, conferences and training.

Aware of the time-consuming nature of the code, I aspire to manage large-scale IT projects in the future. In the meantime, I'm moving forward in my life with my head full of new ideas, and my eyes turned towards the Web.